Sean Ewart

Sean Ewart

Sean Ewart is the Regulatory Director at 5, working within the company’s New York/New Jersey brand, Luthin Associates. In this role, Sean helps our clients, as well as members of the Consumer Power Advocates (CPA) group, with utility rate case needs and regional reliability issues. Having most recently served as the Director of Energy Policy for the Chair of the New York State Assembly Energy Committee, Sean brings immediate value to each of our clients and team members. Sean also worked for the state Assembly for 5 years, cultivating relationships with lobbyists, stakeholders, and other government agencies. In his previous roles, Sean gained in-depth knowledge of the latest issues impacting New York State through various committee meetings, as well as Senate and Assembly sessions. Sean’s presence in the regulatory arena especially equips him to support clients in complying with legislative requirements such as Local Law 97, part of the larger Climate Mobilization Act, which places emission limits on New York City’s large buildings.

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Introduction to Green Hydrogen

By Sean Ewart on November 24, 2020

It’s got Jim Cramer saying it’s “sexy” and natural gas companies betting their futures on it. What are we talking about? Green hydrogen (GH2). And no, GH2 isn’t just hydrogen by another name, it’s hydrogen produced by renewable energy and there are several important reasons why its trending today.  

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