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Get to Know Shashi Thoutireddy

July 31, 2019

Get to Know Shashi Thoutireddy

Shashi Thoutireddy is 5’s VP of Finance. Shashi was born and raised in India and earned his bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering at the National Institute of Technology. He is an avid field hockey fan (India’s national sport) and played on a variety of teams while he was growing up. Shashi moved to Dallas in 2006 and earned a Master’s degree in Finance from Southern Methodist University in 2008.

Most of Shashi’s professional experience has been in corporate financial planning and analysis. He has also been involved in financial analysis, strategic corporate planning and the due diligence around business valuations, mergers and acquisitions. He made the move to 5 last year because he was attracted by the people, culture and the exciting opportunities at 5.

Shashi has been married to his wife Indu for 9 years and they live in the Dallas area with their 4 year-old princess, Reya. In their free time, their world revolves around Reya. Shashi and Indu like taking her to the park or library when she needs to run around and let loose. When asked what he would buy if he won the lottery, Shashi said there is nothing that he currently wants. He is very happy and content with everything he has in his life and there is nothing else that he needs or wants.


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